André Pelletier invites you to carry out an imaginary pictorial journey. Crossing the various galleries of this site, in the order of your choice, you will discover that each scene comes from a research, a plastic adventure in a world of lines, forms, textures and colors. Vision of the subconscious, dreamlike geography, strange and luxuriant flora with an impression of mystery, subtle poetry of color, shade and light where the aesthetic is omnipresent, are the principal characteristics this artist's work. They will satisfy this innate need to novelty hidden in each deepest being : discover enexpected visual sensations by contempling imaginary artistic works. His paintings where the structure of the image is made up of asbtracted elements, which assembled in a certain way create the relationship between them to express the desired illustrated unit, cause much interest. Space comes to life from various levels : perspective and light create forms. The place, time and space are brought up from the conscious and the unconscious of the individual. With further perception of the eye, the horizon creates the landscape. The integration of eye of all kinds, like imaginary entities, represents a symbolic sign of life.


With the appearance of cubes skimming through space, one can easily imagine exploring unknown worlds by refering to the monolith of 2001. A more figurative and spiritual approach of the asbstract side of these landscapes is characterized by these many coloured layers which seem to contain a clean self-impression of his own, an atmosphere, a reality. At this time this same nature is in loaded of emotion.

A succession of paintings which look at the " regardeur " as much as they are being looked at…